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In Trudeau’s Vision for Canada, Legal Weed Will Be Bought and Sold Online

A federally regulated online market is part of the Prime Minister’s plan to guarantee cannabis access to the entire country.

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Earlier this month Canada put forth a proposal to legalize, tax, and regulate cannabis on a nationwide scale. The two legalization bills have been widely heralded and, if passed, would make Canada the world’s leader in cannabis legislation.

Part of that cutting edge, according to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, will be an online marketplace where Canadians will be able to buy their weed without even ever have to physically step foot in a dispensary should they choose to.

The Internet revelation came during a live conversation about Canadian legalization hosted by Vice Canada. Trudeau said that the online system would be part of an effort to assure Canadians “in every corner of this country” will be able to access the newly legal reefer.

Under the current legalization plan, prohibition would end nationwide, but it would be up to local provinces to decide how to distribute and sell the sticky-icky. If your local municipality doesn’t want to set up pot shops, though, Trudeau’s e-dispensary would make sure you are still able to enjoy all the benefits of legal weed.

At this point, it’s looking like the proposed online cannabis marketplace will be necessary, too. While Trudeau and Canada’s federal government are pushing the legalization framework, province leaders are weary of their newfound responsibilities of regulating sales, and skeptical that the task can be accomplished before Trudeau’s proposed July 2018 legalization start date.

“We’re going to try very hard to meet those time limits, and if we don’t, we’ll have to go back and say, ‘You know what? We need more time,’” Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said.

But to Trudeau, a year and some change should be ample enough time for provinces to construct legal weed systems. However, if not, there’s always the Internet. 

“The provinces have well over a year now,” Trudeau said. “Fifteen months to put in place their system that suits them. If a province chooses not to, there will still be a way through the federal regulated system for people in every corner of this country to purchase marijuana.”


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