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Border Patrol Agents Seized Two Tons of Cannabis Disguised as Heads of Lettuce

This isn't the first time customs agents have used their sizeable budget to confiscate fake produce at the Mexican border.

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Customs and Border Patrol officers at the United States - Mexico border outside of Laredo, Texas made a two ton drug bust late last week, uncovering 5,754 packages of weed in some unusually heady packaging. 

According to CNN, drug-sniffing dogs at the Laredo border crossing brought attention to a truck bringing a load of lettuce into the States and, upon further inspection, officers discovered that not every piece of produce is created equal. Mixed among the real heads of Boston bibb and romaine were 3,707 pounds of cannabis.



Following the bust, CBP announced the bust as a huge victory that kept $741,186 worth of illegal narcotics off America’s streets. After a little math though, we’re a little skeptical about the value of the confiscated bud. 

While the $741,186 figure may sound like a lot of money for a lot of weed, the figure breaks down to an estimated street value of $200 per pound. While legal weed has lead to a wholesale price drop in cannabis, the price of high-grade bud is still coming in at well over $1,000 a pound.

And while price points definitely drop with quantity, we’re guessing CBP has two tons of stemmy, seedy ditch weed that most stoners will be glad to keep out of the U.S. market. 

This isn’t the first time CBP agents have discovered funky fruit. In the past year alone agents uncovered a shipment of weed disguised as limes and another wrapped in fake carrots. Not to be pigeon-holed, smugglers have also tried to hide weed in fake rocks and caskets.

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