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Anthony Weiner’s Latest Screwup Involves Teenage Rape Fantasies and a Very Angry Father

The 15-year-old victim believes the relationship to have been consensual and is refusing to press charges.

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When the 1949 Geneva Conventions condemned the use of human shields as “barbaric’” they were talking specifically about war, not dirty political maneuvers, but unfortunately the Geneva Conventions aren’t likely to come into play for Anthony Weiner--I say unfortunately because no criminal charges are likely to be filed. Surprising absolutely no one, this week the former New York congressman better known (to some) as Carlos Danger crossed the line in the sand between creep and criminal, doing the jobs of the writing staff of Law and Order: SVU for them in the process.

After it was revealed that Senor Danger had carried on an internet relationship with a 15-year-old girl, rather than simply wallow in the shame and criminal charges that no one really denies are his just desserts, Weiner decided to deploy a human shield--the same young woman with whom the former democratic up-and-comer conducted the affair.

Photo via The Daily Mail 


For no other reason than the fact that it took the spotlight off him and his errant privates for a brief second, Weiner sent the email address of the young woman to media outlets, which could then use the email address to identify her. For the record, Weiner is 51.

This bears mentioning because what was just described above could easily be the behavior of an ignorant 13-year-old slut shamer--instead, it comes from a former elected official well into middle age. Revealing his victim’s name without her consent isn’t just low and pathetic, it’s also entirely pointless. What does Danger/Weiner have to gain by the world knowing the identity of the girl he’s been statutory sexting?

The victim’s father, who has been available for comment to several news outlets, said “I hope I never come into contact with him. I’ll be in jail if I ever come into contact with him...The skype video relations between a 15-year-old and a 51-year-old --I couldn’t stomach that.” During the skype sessions, according to the victim, Weiner asked the teenager to undress and touch herself and sometimes wanted her to put on schoolgirl outfits and act out rape fantasies. Because she believes the relationship to have been consensual, the victim is refusing to press charges.

At least until Danger/Weiner strikes again, he’s in the clear--even if he is an indescribable scumbag. Weiner’s estranged wife, Huma Abedin, senior aide to presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, declined to comment.

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