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72 New Emojis Are Now Available

UTC approves of 72 new emojis.

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A group of technology members from all over the world have put their thinking caps together and approved 72 new Emojis that should be on your smartphones by now. This group is called the Unicode Technical Committee (UTC), and they are responsible for all emojis released including the new “selfie” emoji that shows a phone in hand taking a “selfie.”

Along with the new “selfie” emoji the group has also approved Summer Olympic themed emojis and a slew of new animal additions like the shark and butterfly.

About 10 years ago the word emoji probably didn’t exist, but today emojis are far often used now when sending messages that we’ve grown accustomed to using emojis rather than sending actual written messages.

If you haven’t figured that out by now it’s “smoking weed.”

What’s surprising is that UTC is comprised of a group of individuals who take the time to review and approve emojis. Who wouldn’t mind a job like that? Take time out of your day to review images that millions of people will use daily? A stoner's dream job.

Anyways, now it’s time to pass the “dutchie” to the left hand side but there seems to be no “dutchie” in the official Emoji list posted online so here at MERRY JANE we’ve tried coming up with a few for our readers to use:

 = weed

 = fire weed 

schleep (how I get when I'm high) 

 Blowing Green and the guy with glasses is too high so he has on glasses 

- symbolizes blowing smoke out through the nose

️- because gas is what I'm smokin 

- meaning I am gassed up 

- because I'm high like out of this world lol

- high af

- roasted sweet potato = half baked

- me running over when the #squad asks “sesh?”

- herb

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