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New York City's Marijuana-Related Arrest Rates Decrease Thanks to a New Proposal

New York City seems to be changing their view on marijuana.

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New York City is a city known for its strict punishments for marijuana related crimes. People have said that possessing marijuana in NYC is nearly as bad as committing legitimate crimes like robbery or assault.

Fortunately, for east coast cannabis consumers, the police seem to be loosening their rein on cannabis-related crimes. In November 2015, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton proposed that instead of arresting those possessing small amounts of marijuana (25 grams or less, to be exact) officers should issue a summons instead. According to The New York Post, the city’s arrest rates have dropped 40 percent since this initiative began, showing a direct reflection of the policy change. 

New Yorkers can breathe a little easier knowing that walking down the street with marijuana will not result in them spending the night in jail.

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