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Swet Shop Boys Drop Visuals For Airport Referencing Single “T5”

“Always get a random check when I rock the stubble.”

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Swet Shop Boys, the duo consisting of former Das Racist MC Himanshu Suri (Heems) and actor/rapper Riz Ahmed (Riz MC) shared their last single “Zayn Malik” earlier this month, having already released “T5” and “Tiger Hologram.” On some level, all of the tracks examine the complexities of being of South Asian heritage in the Western World, along with the prejudice encountered on a regular basis as a result.

With the full length album Cashmere dropping next month, Swet Shop Boys have just unveiled the official video for the single “T5” via The Fader. As the title of the song would suggest, which directly refers to JFK International Airport Terminal 5, the video makes light (in a serious way) of the increased security protocols and “random checks” that come with being openly racially profiled while traveling. 

Directed by Sofia Khan, what really makes the video work is that while it may seem to be over exaggerated to some, it is in fact very accurate to people routinely being subjected to intense TSA and Border Patrol scrutiny because of their name or the color of their skin. Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric and the recent Brexit are also alluded to, driving the point home even harder.

Watch the thought provoking “T5” video here, Cashmere will be available on October 14, but you can already preorder it here.


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