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Joss Whedon's Tongue-In-Cheek Anti-Trump PSA Stars A “Sh** Ton Of Famous People”

Make Mark be naked by making your mark on November 8.

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In an amusing get-out the vote public service announcement for his PAC Save The Day, starring a “shit ton of famous people" seemingly led by Robert Downey Jr., Joss Whedon extols the importance of registering to vote and making a difference this coming presidential election.

As well most of the cast of the Avengers, it stars a slew of actors including Julianne Moore, Martin Sheen, Stanley Tucci, James Franco, Neil Patrick Harris and even Rosie Perez. It implores you to vote (for a specific unnamed candidate that starts with a "Hill" and ends with an "ary") while at the same time poking fun at the typical format of political advertisements. 

While Trump’s name is never mentioned directly, Don Cheadle’s reference to “a racist abusive coward who could permanently damage the fabric of our society” and allusions to Trump’s The Apprentice catch phrase leaves no doubt as to which candidate the PAC is in support of.

The real kicker comes in towards the end where Mark Ruffalo is seemingly informed, unbeknownst to him, that if we all go out and rock the vote he will be doing a fully nude scene in his next film.

You can watch the amusing PSA here, and all laughs aside, hit the polls on November 8 and make sure your voice is heard!


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