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New Nevada Marijuana Law, Total Bummer for Out of Towners

Here's why that doctor’s recommendation might not be enough.

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If you’re visiting Las Vegas soon the chances of obtaining your medical pot will likely be denied if you don’t have a state issued card. You may have better chances hitting the jackpot then getting access to any greenery in the desert city any time soon.

This is due to new changes to Nevada’s medical marijuana laws, following a letter from Attorney General Adam Laxalut sent a letter to health department Director Richard Whitley.

The memo states only people with state-issued medical marijuana cards – either from Nevada or states where medical marijuana is legal can get the medicine.  Those with the standard doctor’s recommendation and another form of identification will no longer suffice.

“A recommendation from a California physician and a driver’s license from another state cannot be used to obtain medical marijuana from a Nevada dispensary,” Laxalt said in his letter. 

No firm timeline on when this will be implemented as Laxalt’s letter is a formal recommendation for the dispensary operators to set their own policies.

Nevada is the only state currently in the U.S. that recognizes patients in other states and allows access to their medicine by visiting a dispensary.

Many California residents have opted for a recommendation from licensed doctors to avoid additional cost and time taken to obtain the optional state-issued medical marijuana card and registering with the state.

This could drastically lower the number of out-of-state buyers in the Vegas weed scene since a good number of patients are from the neighboring state while also preventing them from obtaining their medicine.

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