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Whoops! Lapel Camera Catches Cop Stealing Eight Ounce Marijuana Brick From Evidence Room

The New Mexico officer allegedly stole the bud for his lady friend.

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In the best officer-smoking-evidence-vault-marijuana story since a police officer thought he was dying after smoking marijuana he stole, a New Mexico police sergeant is accused of stealing marijuana and money after a six week investigation.

According to New Mexico State Police, Roshern McKinney, 33, left his lapel camera on while stealing marijuana from his office’s evidence room to give to his girlfriend. (Was he already stoned?) He was arrested Wednesday along with his 23-year-old girlfriend, Tanicka Gallegos-Gonzales.



McKinney also faces charges of stealing upwards of $800 dollars in cash and eight ounces of pot that wasn’t turned in as evidence. (Maybe he forgot to turn it in?) McKinney is on paid leave and out of jail on bail.

Grants Police Chief Craig Vandiver alerted state police when the department found lapel camera video that “exposed possible illicit activity by a Grants Police Department sergeant.”


New Mexico State Police started their investigation July 11, when they discovered McKinney drove to the police station in his police cruiser and placed marijuana in his uniform pocket while on duty.

He then drove to Gallegos-Gonzales’ home and gave her the marijuana for her father. There are no mentions in press if her father intended to use the marijuana as medicine or for recreational purposes. There has also been no information on what strain.

McKinney was charged with marijuana distribution, conspiracy and felony embezzlement charges. Gallegos-Gonzales faces drug distribution and conspiracy. Both were arrested in Albuquerque and booked into the Sandoval County Detention Center.

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