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Bloc Party Shares New Track “Stunt Queen” In Support Of Upcoming Hollywood Bowl Show

Stuntin’ like they used to.

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Following their adored debut album Silent Alarm back in 2005, Bloc Party released albums rather frequently (2007’s A Weekend In The City and 2008’s Intimacy) before lengthening the release cycle to about 4 years, putting out Four in 2012, and their fifth full lengths, Hymns this year.

The UK band is embarking on their biggest tour to date, and to mark the occasion, much to the delight of their fans, they have just released “Stunt Queen.” This is the first track to drop since Hymns came out this past January, as well as the first song penned with their new band members Justin Harris and Louise Bartle.

While the mostly synth and muted guitar driven track is partly in line with the sound of Hymns, it’s faster pace and energetic percussion harkens back to Silent Alarm, a sound for which many Bloc Party fans are definitely nostalgic for. It’s a catchy and joyful piece of music, and we hope to hear more of this from them in the near future. 

Listen to “Stunt Queen” here


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