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Neon Indian’s ‘Annie’ Video Gives off Vintage Vibes

The chillwave group’s latest music video is evocative of a thrilling ‘80s movie on psychedelics.

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Hailing from Denton, Texas, composer Alan Palomo and his band Neon Indian have helped bring the sound of psychedelia into the realm of electro synth pop.

Their first album, Psychic Chasm, which was released back in October 2009, was a huge breakthrough for Palomo, and was allotted as one of the best albums of the year by some of the most well respected music publications.

With song titles like “Terminally Chill” and “Should Have Taken Acid with You”, it’s instantly clear that Neon Indian created sounds for the thought-provoked stoners and experimentally minded music lovers of the world.

Following the debut album, Neon Indian went on to release Era Extraña in 2011 before taking a four-year hiatus. Finally, at the tail-end of 2015, Palomo released Vega Intl. Night School, the band's third studio and most adventurous album to date.

Recently, the Palomo dropped a music video for the album’s single “Annie”, stylized as if it were an ‘80s film being watched on VHS. The video follows Palomo as he dances and searches for a girl named Annie throughout a neon-fueled city backdrop.

In the midst of the music video, the musical composer suddenly finds himself being questioned by police about Annie’s disappearance. “Annie, won’t you come and find me,” he repeatedly pleads throughout the end of the song, but it’s clear from her constant disguises that his lost lover does not want to be found.

The video was filmed by Dustin Reid, and follows a similar cinema-esque style to Palomo’s recent musical film “Slumlord Rising”. Palomo and his band will be touring all throughout the United States under the Neon Indian moniker during the month of October.

You can check out the full list of stops on the band’s website and watch the video here


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