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Video Original: Deflowered with Rick Ross

Smoke all day and still get the job done, like a boss.

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It was 2003 when Ricky "Rozay" Ross first stormed onto the Miami music scene with DJ Khaled playing his tunes on the South Florida airwaves.

Fast forward more than a decade and the King of Miami is still a mega force on the music scene. His label Maybach Music holds roster to some of today's hottest artists including Wale and Meek Mill.

In this episode of Deflowered, a MERRY JANE original series, we get an intimate look into the role marijuana plays into Rozay's everyday life.

Ross opens up about his first smoke sesh, hearing his music on the radio for the first time, and how he stays highly productive regardless of how much he smokes in a given day.

"I smoke all day and still get the business done," Ross said in the interview where he also offered up advice for first time smokers, his favorite strains of bud, and discussed how cannabis influences business, culture and his every day life.

Each episode of Deflowered poses a unique look into a monumental "first time" for our guests — a vital moment in their careers, inspirations, and outlook on life. Deflowered brings new light to the vast array of people within cannabis culture.

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