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Vic Mensa Gets Personal in New Video for “There’s Alot Going On”

The Chicago-based rapper takes you on a journey through the mind of an artist.

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Vic Mensa has come a long way since debuting his first major mixtape, INNANETAPE, back in 2013. The Chicago-based hip-hop artist has found himself among the company of hip-hip royalty, recently signing to Jay Z's Roc Nation and simultaneously becoming a protege of sorts to the similarly outspoken artist Kanye West. After building up momentum with his internationally acclaimed single “Down on My Luck” in 2014, which was the lead single off of his debut EP Street Lights. Vic is back on the scene with what could be his most personal and politicized work to date.

In his latest EP There’s Alot Going On, which was released last week, Vic Mensa blends his raw flow with his catchy singing voice, taking listeners on an honest journey through the mind of the artist. Yesterday, Vic released a somber music video for the EP’s title track, which was directed by Jake Osmun and Mensa himself.

The video portrays Vic Mensa in front of a white screen, rapping emotionally about the hardship and personal struggle he’s experienced during his newfound success within the hip-hop scene. The song, which is essentially autobiographical in nature, takes listeners on a journey through Vic Mensa’s come up, from signing to the Roc to writing with Kanye West.

As Vic Mensa rhymes straight from his heart in front of the white screen, target practice sheets with faces relevant to his story are revolving around him, including Jay Z and others. By the end of the video, Vic Mensa is standing in the center of the white screen while 16 gunshots are fired off, outlining his figure onto the music video backdrop.

The video is minimalistic, but emotionally heavy, following suit with the mood of There’s Alot Going On. Vic has released his EP in a unique, politically charged fashion, offering it for free to anyone who makes the “Pledge to Vote” via Hip Hop Caucus’ Respect My Vote! campaign. Make the pledge by July 4, and you can get your hands on Vic’s newest EP, There’s Alot Going On, free of charge!

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