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Tyler, the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt Reunite For a Live Performance of “Orange Juice”

After going their own separate ways for the last few years, the two Odd Future originators joined forces onstage at the One Love Festival.

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Those who have followed the eclectic Southern California-based rap collective Odd Future from the beginning knows how close-knit the crew once was. While there doesn’t seem to be much bad blood between members today, as the group rose to prominence, each of them ventured off onto their own creative paths.

Back when Odd Future was still in full swing, no two members could finesse a track together quite like frontman Tyler, the Creator and the elusive Earl Sweatshirt, both of which have supported the other throughout their solo careers post-OF.

This past weekend, the two hip hop stars reunited during the One Love Festival in Calgary to perform their collaborative track “Orange Juice”, a fan favorite that first appeared on Odd Future’s 2010 mixtape Radicals.

The song features a young Earl and Tyler freestyling over the beat for Gucci Mane’s classic song “Lemonade”, and as you could expect, both of them do work on the track. The live video was uploaded to Instagram by former Odd Future member and funnyman Jasper Dolphin, who captioned the epic moment with four orange emojis.



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The moment is especially sensational because of the rumored beef between Earl and Tyler, which arose after the latter sent out cryptic Tweets in 2015 that hinted that the possibility that Odd Future had officially been disbanded. The rumor mill was reinvigorated after Earl referred to the collective as “my teenage boy club that got famous that I’m trying to not be defined by” in an interview with The Guardian later that year.

But, as the Jasper’s hyphy Instagram video shows, the two seem to be keeping their longtime friendship alive and well, even if they both happen to branching out in their own different, albeit successful direction.

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