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Trip Out On Twin Peaks’ New Animated “Holding Roses” Video

Everything's coming up roses.

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Twin Peaks (not to be confused with David Lynch’s Twin Peaks) is the Chicago quintet that put out their third full length record Down In Heaven earlier this year. With influences ranging from garage rock, punk, pop and plain old rock n roll, making it hard to pigeonhole them in a particular subgenre. In any case, whatever their music stems from, it sounds good.

In their latest video for their third single “Holding Roses”, which follows “Walk To The One You Love” and “Butterfly” , stylishly crude depictions of the band’s real life moment get animated in an unexpected way. Through a series of zoom-ins and zoom-outs each scene transitions into the next one, each scene seeming stationary but then seamlessly connectig to the next in each other.

Animated by Chigao artist GOONS, the video's effect is much like a kaleidoscopic vortex, it sucks you right in. The constant “camera” motion makes it mesmerizing, and we highly recommend it for anyone not suffering from vertigo.

Watch “Holding Roses” here and be prepared for entrancement.


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