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Travis $cott Releases "90210" Video Starring His Action Figure

La Flame’s action figure is built to last.

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Travis $cott originally had intentions to sell physical copies of his 2015 album Rodeo with an action figure that would’ve included a flash drive insert containing the projects. That didn’t fly with his record label, so he settled for the action figure becoming the focal point of the album’s artwork.

Despite the disappointment of what could’ve been, $cott has released his video for “90210” and it stars the aforementioned La Flame action figure. Legendary director Hype Williams collaborated with $cott on the video, which apparently took 6 months to produce.

The video follows two versions of the toy, a miniature Travis who falls in lust with a blurred out Barbie. On the other end is a Godzilla-like $cott that wreaks havoc on this augmented reality’s tiny town. The two $cott’s collide and things become strange. Check out the video via Apple Music or stream it here.

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