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The Shins Kick Off Halloween Early With Spooky “Dead Alive” Music Video

Shins frontman James Mercer offers fans a visual treat as they await the newly announced album “I Gleek on Your Grave."

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Fans of the indie outfit The Shins have been waiting a long time for new music. The band, fronted by singer-guitarist James Mercer, hasn’t released an album since Port of Morrow back in 2012. Since then, The Shins have made festival appearances here and there, but they seemed to be running off of the nostalgic tracks that made them indie royalty. 

But in August of this year, Mercer finally gave word of a new project, an album strangely entitled “I Gleek on Your Grave”, which is scheduled to be released early next year. To calm the anticipation of their eagerly awaiting fans, The Shins have just dropped a music video for the new track “Dead Alive”. Mercer calls the new track and accompanying visual a “Halloween gift while you wait for the album”, and a gift it certainly is. 

The song, first premiered live during a UK show in September, hints at that classic melancholic folk that madeThe Shins popular over a decade ago. The visual is a spooky and hallucinogenic journey filled with skeletons and vivid colors, both of which surround Mercer as he drives around and sleeps lazily on his couch. In addition, gigantic checkered Vans shoe and skeletal feet come crashing down from everywhere, as a super-sized version of Mercer finally ends up crushing his smaller self by the end of the video.

The music video follows the same trippy pattern as the teaser shared on Instagram back in August, which accompanied the new album announcement. In addition to “Dead Live”, The Shins have also been performing live renditions of the new track “Rubber Balls”, which is also expected to have a spot on the forthcoming album. 


I Gleek on Your Grave

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