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The Rasta World of Major Lazer

What started off as a musical project by Diplo, has taken the cartoon world by storm.

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The Diplo-led music group Major Lazer has hit the silver screen in a new animated self-titled series. Major Lazer follows the adventures of a super fighter with a laser gun arm to prove it. The protagonist enjoys his hedonistic lifestyle with hologram strip clubs, bird surfing (literally), and a smoke here and there. “[The show is] just frantically moving forward. In that way, it’s kind of like being high—but not the kind of high where you laugh at slacker jokes," explained Gouw, the illustrator behind the new show. 

The show is replete with chaos, color, music and weed. Insert a couple of ninja fight scenes, villains and plenty of sex appeal and you've got yourself this wild animated, cannabis-fueled comedy. Additionally, the show features several celebrity voices like J.K. Simmons as President Whitewall, Andy Samberg, Aziz Ansari and Charli XCX. The success of the show was definitely unprecedented. We're thinking it’s the ganja.

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