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Watch Snoop Dogg’s 360/VR “Kush Ups” Live Music Video Featuring Wiz Khalifa

The power of virtual reality takes you to the front row of a Snoop and Wiz show.

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MERRY JANE  is proud to present Snoop Dogg's latest release, a new 360 concert video for “Kush Ups” featuring Wiz Khalifa, off his upcoming album COOLAID

Filmed during a live concert in full 360/VR, this immersive video makes you feel like you're sitting in the front row when Snoop passes the blunt - and ready to judge the "kush-ups" battle between Snoop and Wiz.

Not only do the two stoners make bangin’ music together, they also make the best weed through their exclusive cannabis lines, Leafs By Snoop and Khalifa Kush.

Watch "Kush Ups" here and get to smokin'!  

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