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Sleaford Mods Share Aggressive New Single “I Can Tell”

The “T.C.R.” EP drops tomorrow.

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Sleaford Mods, the Nottingham hailing duo of vocalist Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn, were born out of frustration with the reduction of public spending in the austerity-era United Kingdom , as well as the dramatic decrease in the quality of working class life. Their music, both lyrically and tonally, reflects their embittered view of what they see around them. They’ve even been praised by rock legend Iggy Pop, who called them "undoubtedly, absolutely, definitely the worlds greatest rock 'n roll band." 

Luckily, they have turned that frustration into creativity, having released eight full length albums since 2007, their last effort Key Markets in 2015 being considered their breakout album. Having already shared the song and video for the first single “T.C.R.” off the upcoming EP of the same name, today they have shared a second track, “I Can Tell.”

In typical Sleaford Mods fashion, the lyrics are grim and harsh, and the track includes the line “I just hope, I just hope everything gets pulled apart and pushed gets pulled apart and bust gets pulled apart" as the chorus. 

Speaking on the song, Williamson said ‘“I Can Tell” is basic politics for the discerning skeptic. The streets are cold and they're squeezing us until we pop. Low earners first, then it's onto the middle lot. We're fucked".

If you love post-punk, are as pissed about the 2016 Elections as we are, then crank up your speakers and let “I Can Tell” ring out loud from here. The T.C.R. EP releases tomorrow (October 14) via Rough Trade Records.


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