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Watch Weezer’s Patton Oswalt Starring “I Love The USA” Video

“F**k yeah this place is great.”

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With politics having morphed into some kind of sick entertainment of late, and with it taking a turn for the nastier on an almost daily basis, satirical comedy is a welcome relief from the stream of anger projected by both political candidates constantly monopolizing all our news feeds.

Thankfully, both Weezer and the lovable Patton Oswalt are here to provide some much needed laughs. The new video for “I Love The USA,” it instead pokes fun at the office of the president, as well as unbridled (and misplaced notions of) patriotism in general in America.

Originally appearing on the deluxe edition of their June released self-titled album (their 4th self-titled album, so it is known as the White Album following the Blue Album, Green Album and Red Album,) “I Love The USA” was initially released to celebrate the NASA’s “Juno” space probe entering Jupiter’s orbit on this past 4th of July.

The video for that very same song takes a different spin away from space exploration, as it stars comedian Patton Oswalt in full ill-fitting patriotic regalia sneaking into the White House’s Oval Office. Following his wonderful lip synching and electrifying guitar solo, he starts nuclear war by clicking on the mythical red button (in this particular case, it is enormous and says “No!!” on it) despite the Secret Service’s (played by Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo) best efforts. It turns out that he just “wanted to make America great again.” Sounds pretty familiar…

Watch “I Love The USA” here and remember you don’t need to go overboard to love America.


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