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Miguel’s Life Looks Incredible in Travi$ Scott-Assisted “Sky Walker” Music Video

Director X actualizes idyllic visions of being both an R&B star and a heartthrob.

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We haven’t heard new solo material from Miguel since he released a song from the soundtrack of Netflix’s The Get Down last summer, so after a year spent guesting on others’ tracks and more recently, posting goofy acappella covers on Instagram, his return is very welcome indeed. With no plans announced for a follow-up to 2015’s excellent Wildheart, he’s dropped off a new, Travi$ Scott-assisted song/video entitled “Sky Walker.”

The clear subheadline to “New Miguel Music” here is “Miguel’s Life Seems Goddamn Incredible.” We could already imagine the spoils of being an R&B star and a heartthrob to boot, but the “Sky Walker” video actualizes those idyllic visions. If this clip is to be believed, Miguel spends his time surfing, partying, sauna-ing, taking photos, and dancing on top of cop cars, all accompanied by a beautiful entourage (oh yeah, and Travi$). What’s more, the venerated Director X laces the PG-13 bacchanal of “Sky Walker” with humor, surreal imagery, and gorgeous lighting, ensuring that it’s not just a bunch of artless eye candy.

As a song, “Sky Walker” is pretty by-the-book as far as Miguel music goes. Scott’s hip presence is a clear boon as far as commercial potential goes, and the rest of the track doesn’t sound like it’ll get in the way of that either. There’s none of the hermetic Laurel Canyon aura that pervaded all corners of Wildheart, and while Miguel still oozes sex with every word, he sounds like he’s in for buzzed one-night stands rather than his usual metaphysical bouts of Kama Sutra-driven orgasm marathons. Sometimes, girls just want to have fun, and all of the time, Miguel is here to please those girls.

Hopefully the release of “Sky Walker” portends a new album from Miguel, but it could also just as likely be a loosie. 

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