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MERRY JANE's Guide to This Week In Music: St Patrick's Day

Songs from 5 chill Irishmen.

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Everybody hates St. Patrick’s Day. Well, stoners hate St. Patrick’s Day. Or by God we should. It’s loud, it’s drunk, and everyone makes poor choices. Starting from leaving the house decked in a “Kiss Me I’m Irish,” t-shirt, to consuming green beer, to barfing in glittered gutters–it’s all a mess. It’s giving the Irish a bad rep. Let us not forget on this annoying day that the Irish have put out some amazing chill tunes. Burn one to these tracks and steer clear of the local watering hole.

The Swell Season - “When Your Mind’s Made Up”

When Once came out in 2007, it took the award circuit by storm. Grammys, Oscars, you name it, The Swell Season won it. The original music created for Once by Irishmen Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova was all consuming. Beautiful, sad, gut wrenching at times. The band isn’t together anymore, but nothing can give you goosebumps like watching them perform together live.

Enya - “Sail Away (Orinoco Flow)”

Sail away from the seas of drunk people in bobble heads. Sail the fuck away.

My Bloody Valentine - “Sometimes”

Pulling in indie cred since they formed in Dublin in the 80’s, My Bloody Valentine broke hearts around the globe when they split in 1997. Holding their records and crying for ten years must have awoken their spirits, because to everyone's great joy, the band reunited in 2007 and are continuing to blow our minds. “Sometimes” is one of the gentler tracks from Loveless, because your ears deserve kindness today.

The Cranberries - “Dreams”

This is one of those songs that comes on the radio that everyone recognizes but people forget who the artist is behind it. The Cranberries put out hit after radio friendly hit (remember "Zombies"?). Sink into the peaceful cooing yodels and remember we aren’t mad at Ireland because of St. Paddy’s Day in the states. We. Are. Not. Mad.

Van Morrison - “Into the Mystic”

A name we all recognize, Irishman Van Morrison or The Belfast Cowboy, if you will, has been an easy listening staple for 50+ years and counting. While I get that “Brown Eyed Girl” was abused by radio play, “Into The Mystic” still shines, with plucky guitars and emotional bridges. We’d almost pinch you if you asked, Van Morrison.

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