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MERRY JANE's Guide to This Week In Music

In it for the candy: a not so romantic Valentine’s Day playlist.

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Assuming you’ve been on the internet this week, you’ve likely been inundated with “10 songs about being in love”, “Playlists to set the mood the Valentine’s Day” and a million other related titles. In this sea of lists, there is definitely a gaping hole: what if you are single this Valentine’s Day and are feeling prettttyyyyy good about it?

Why yes, single and comfortable with that fact people do exist! And as one of those people, I give you the tracks that get me pumped up on the notion that I don’t have to deal with anyone else's drama on a regular basis. Turn this playlist on when you are driving to meet your friends at a NOT some romantically lit yet packed to the brim pre-fixed menu offering restaurant, and remember you are doing just swell by yourself.

Am I claiming all the songs on this playlist are good, that they make sense together, or that my taste is all that refined here? Absolutely not. But I can tell you this–I have been single long enough to know there are some really exciting opportunities about being unattached, and to embrace that shit. Just listen to Jay-Z, it’ll all be fine. It IS fine.

Some strong featured hits to start your party on the right foot!

Big Sean - “I Don’t Fuck With You”

Nothing like an anthem that literally states “For real, fuck how you feel,” to remind you that not having to worry about how your actions impact a romantic partner is liberating as fuck.

Jay-Z “99 Problems”

Focusing on our own shit and not sweating someone worked for Jay so it’s good enough for all of us.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs“Date With The Night” 

An all time favorite of mine, Karen O screeching about her fuck all jaunt with the night is the ultimate feel good (in a macabre way.)

Feels pretty good to feel fucking good right?! Here is my playlist to keep those vibes going, yes it’s heavy on the Timbaland. Whatever. And if you are already drunk when you start this playlist, just listen to those three Robyn songs over and over.

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