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Jenny Hval Cools Down the Summer with “Conceptual Romance”

The experimental Norwegian artist’s new song explores romance in the most abstract of ways.

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Although the experimental musician Jenny Hval has just recently garnered a strong reputation for her ambient sounds and exhilarating live performances, which usually combine her musical prowess with high-concept performance art, the Norwegian artist has been making sensual tones for quite a while now. With five studio albums already under her belt, her latest being Apocalypse, girl, which was released on Sacred Bones in 2015, Hval has mastered the art of producing avant-garde art-pop music.

On her latest track, “Conceptual Romance”, Hval takes her listeners on a romantically abstract journey, utilizing lush synths to prop up her poetic lyricism. “And sometimes I dream you’ve left me, and I’m so lost I wake up high, high on madness,” she croons at the start of the song. “Conceptual Romance” is the perfect track to unwind to, but in a thought-provoking way. It’s almost as if Hval is poetically spewing spoken-word over an orchestra comprised of musically inclined clouds.

“Conceptual Romance” is the latest single off of her upcoming album, entitled Blood Bitch, which will be released on September 30 on Sacred Bones Records. For those looking to roll one up and enter into the atmospheric world curated by Jenny Hval, you can pre-order her upcoming album and receive a digital version of “Conceptual Romance”, as well as “Female Vampire”, which was the first single released off of Blood Bitch.

Listen to "Conceptual Romance" below.

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