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Get Low to Phantogram’s New Electro-Pop Track “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore”

The American electronic indie duo looks for a new high on their recently released single.

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The electronic rock outfit Phantogram, which is comprised of guitarist/vocalist Josh Carter and keyboardist/vocalist Sarah Barthel, has been a long-established force on the electronic indie scene, breaking through with their 2009 album, Eyelid Movies, which featured the hit song “When I’m Small”. After releasing three albums, the duo decided to team up with renowned Atlanta rapper and one-half of Outkast Big Boi on a project they coined as Big Grams, releasing a self-titled collaborative EP in the midst of last year. Now, Phantogram has returned to form with the new, pop-infused track “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore”.

The track instantly launches the listener towards a powerful and bass-induced synth line and fast-paced drum machine, as Barthel starts crooning about what appears to be a struggle with some sort of chemical substance. As the heaviness of the bassy saw synth lead subsides, the song is suddenly bridged into a soft, oceanic beat, fit for a light-hearted number inside of a European dance club. As the chorus comes back alongside the roaring synth lead, Barthel sings, “nothing is fun, not like before, you don’t get me high anymore.”

The lyrics seem to be addressing an internal conflict with some sort of substance, perhaps marijuana, as she sings about “waking up stoned” and how it “used to take one, now it takes four." Regardless, this track takes the listener on an electro-pop roller coaster ride, in-and-out of the electrifying beat and personal lyrical content. Compared to their previous work, “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore” is admittedly more poppy than usual, but it still retains the strong identity of the band.  

The track comes right in time for their upcoming tour, which kicks off in Chicago on July 31 for one show, and continues around the rest of North America from August to November. Although a new Phantogram album has yet to be announced, the duo claimed (via Twitter) that they’ll be playing that “new new” on tour, and will be announcing more news in the coming months.

Take a listen to the new track below.

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