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DJ Drama’s Merry Jane Playlist Takeover

Only the best tracks for your ears. Plus, a bonus interview.

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At MERRY JANE, we believe in bringing you dope shit, which most certainly includes music. That’s why we’ve enlisted the one and only DJ Drama for our inaugural MERRY JANE Playlist Takeover.

Fresh off the release of his Quality Street Music 2 in late July, and having just wrapped up Snoop and Wiz’s High Road Tour (which also boasted Kevin Gates, Jhené Aiko, and Casey Veggies on the bill), Drama has picked 11 songs for your listening pleasure. Philly and Atlanta both weigh heavy in his selection, and you know he had to show a little love to his tour headliners as well.

We asked Drama a few questions about his selections and his current/future projects below, so after you hit play, scroll down to see what the man has to say. Then show some dedication and keep the playlist rocking ’til the wheels fall off!

MERRY JANE: Who is your favorite hip-hop artist out of Philly right now?

DJ Drama: Favorite artist is, of course, Lil Uzi Vert.

How did you discover Lil Uzi Vert and sign him to Generation Now and Atlantic?

My longtime business partner Don Cannon was riding around in Philly and heard Uzi on the radio. He gave me a call and told me this kid is next, and the rest is history. It took a good year of courting because, at the time, his buzz was just gaining steam but lots of industry heads were already hip to him. I think he liked the family atmosphere and the creative freedom, so thankfully he rode with Generation Now.

You included Quality Street Music 2s “Intro,” featuring Lil Wayne. What is your relationship like? Any chance of another installment of the “Dedication” series?

Wayne is and always will be my brother. Some of my biggest moments in hip-hop have to do with us and/or the “Dedication” series, so its always a possibility for a new one.

What city is the most influential on the hip-hop scene today?

Right now, I would have to say Atlanta.

You recently had a Twitter disagreement with Migos over Atlanta’s most influential hip-hop artists. Since you included them (and Quavo) on the playlist, is it fair to say that it’s been resolved?

You can have a difference of opinion without having a “disagreement.” Those will always be my little brothers, and you can’t deny the influence they have had on this era of rap.

Which artists are the most on the come-up right now?

Lots of kids are out here movin’. Lil Uzi, Skeme, and Lyquin, all Generation Now.

What projects are you excited about working on in 2016/2017?

I’m excited about working on Uzi’s actual full-length LP.

How was your experience on the High Road Tour? What’s it like smoking with Snoop and Wiz? Can you keep up?

No one can keep up with Wiz and Snoop. I know my limits.

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