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Death Grips Releases Neon-Powered Digitalized Music Video For “Eh”

The experimental hip-hop group virtualize themselves into a freakishly awesome neon light show.

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Hate them or love them, one thing you certainly can’t deny about the power-driven experimental hip-hop band Death Grips is that they do not give a fuck. After breaking onto the scene with their critically acclaimed 2011 mixtape, Exmilitary, and equally praised 2012 studio debut album, The Money Store, vocalist Stefan Burnett (known by his stage name MC Ride), drummer and producer Zach Hill, and co-producer Andy Morin (aka Flatlander) found themselves signed to Epic Records.

After recording their second album, NO LOVE DEEP WEB, Death Grips surprised their label by leaking the entire album online, and were subsequently booted off of Epic Records. In addition, the album cover for that release featured a picture of Hill’s erect penis. After that, Death Grips released three more albums, all while missing shows, disbanding, and getting back together again.

Suffice to say, Death Grips isn’t afraid to cross boundaries, both musically and figuratively, and they’ve proved that again with their newest digitally-driven music video for the track “Eh”. The song, which is off of their fifth and most recent studio album, Bottomless Pit, is a more traditional rap song lyric wise, but features ticklish bubbling synths and industrial-woven drums that make the listener simultaneously lose their mind and find their grove.    

The music video, which was directed by Sean Metelerkamp, takes you on a neon trip into a digitalized world. You can see the shape of the band members through the colorful and glitchy static, carrying the warbling instrumentation and straight-forward lyrics into fruition.

Overtime, the infamous duo has managed to blend the genres of hip-hop, punk, noise, and electronic into a unique packaging fit for no record label or pop-loving listener. But for those searching for something on the more experimental side, look no further than Death Grips.

Watch the video for "Eh" below.

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