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Chromatics Finally Drop Video for Album Title Track “Dear Tommy”

This is disco horror at its finest.

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It’s been a long minute since Italians Do It Better label Chromatics dropped a full length album. However, this is in no way to say they haven’t released any music since 2012’s breakout Kill For Love, which also benefitted from the inclusion of Night Drive’s “Tick Of The Clock” to the soundtrack of the popular film Drive around the same time as the movie came out.

They’ve actually put out a rather astounding number of singles, extended, plays and EPs, movie scores, some incredible covers and even a track that ended up being sampled by none other than Mr. Groovy Q himself.

In their new  self directed and edited video for “Dear Tommy,” the lead single for their upcoming album aptly titled Dear Tommy, they stick the visual aesthetic that they are already known for. In a visual style that can only be described as “Disco Horror,” frontwoman Ruth Radelet and  Italians Do It Better head honcho Johnny Jewel make appearances through jagged split screens, wipe cuts,and bloody mirrors and flowers.

One would think that this combination of elements would make for a frightening watch, the heavy synthis and heavily stylized and glossy images actually create a rather beautiful and moody viewing experience.

The album unfortunately does not have a release date of yet, but you can watch the video for “Dear Tommy” here.


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