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Brockhampton Rob a Bank with an Alpaca Accomplice in “Gummy” Music Video

Despite “Saturation” being less than two months old, the first “Saturation II” single and it’s accompanying visuals are already upon us.

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The members of “American Boyband” Brockhampton seem like they’re having a lot of fun this year. After debuting with the All-American Trash tape last spring, the 15-member collective moved into a house together in L.A. and leveled up with Saturation, a debut album that was allegedly composed and recorded in under a month. Flush with eclectic voices, sounds, and moods that range from combative to poignant, the 17-track project may scream “Pigeons & Planes’ wet dream,” but past all of the omnivorous indie rap charm is a truly unique, and at times, great collection of songs.

Saturation was released less than two months ago, but Brockhampton already began teasing a sequel as early as two weeks ago. The video snippet shared as part of that teaser is now here in full, with new track “Gummy” getting a vibrant, absurdist clip directed by the crew’s “mastermind,” Kevin Abstract.

Telling the story of a bank heist without ever showing the heist itself (on some Reservoir Dogs shit), the unorthodoxly cropped video follows Abstract, five other Brockhampton members, and Mr. Snuffleupagus, an alpaca that was an accomplice in the crime. We mostly perch in front of the sunroof on a (stolen, according to one of the video’s captions) Chevy Tahoe while each member pops their head out to rap their respective verse. This includes producer/rapper Ameer Vann, who delivers his with his head out the sunroof while still appearing to pilot the vehicle. Insert “don’t try this at home” disclaimer here.

“Gummy” itself falls under the shit-talking banger category in Brockhampton’s oeuvre, the kind of low-to-the-ground street rap that Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples, and underrated Washington State group ILLFIGHTYOU have all made at various points in their careers. It’s the first single off of Saturation II, and like every track on the first installment, you’d never know that it was made in such a short amount of time.

Brockhampton are taking their show on the road this fall, and while most tour dates are already sold out, you should still check and see if there’s a chance for you to catch them. 

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