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The Best New Songs on SoundCloud to Get You Through the Weekend (May 20, 2017)

Chance the Rapper, Flying Lotus, T-Pain & Lil Wayne (together!), and more.

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With the onset of warm summer weather drawing everyone's smoke seshes towards the outside world, you may have slept on the latest round of fresh tracks to materialize online. We’ve rummaged across the musical spectrum to find the the latest tunes in hip-hop, indie rock, and electronic music. On this week’s SoundCloud playlist, we’ve got a soul-gripping collab between Chance the Rapper and Kaytranada, a banger from Flying Lotus that's packed full of Freddie Mercury samples, a steamy cut from the surprise joint album recently released by Lil Wayne and T-Pain, and more. Dig into these tunes now because it's only a matter of time until a handful of them are blasting out of every subwoofer in vicinity. 


Beach House - Chariot

In 2015, the indie dream-pop band Beach House managed to cook up two amazing albums in the form of Depression Cherry and later Thank Your Lucky Stars. Although the Baltimore duo’s double feature certainly took time to digest, the group seems to have even more unreleased work in the vault. This past week, Beach House unveiled a never-before-heard ballad of blurriness entitled “Chariot.”

This fresh song is comprised of the key elements that have made Beach House a household name in the indie rock world, including choral-infused organs, Alex Scally's sparkling guitar, and Victoria Legrand’s impassioned, inimitable vocals. The sublime loosie will be included on Beach House’s forthcoming compilation B-Sides And Rarities, featuring a collection of leftover tracks spanning over their six studio albums. The assemblage of unearthed material will drop June 30 via Sub Pop.  

Beach Fossils (ft. Rachel Goswell) - Tangerine

It’s been nearly four years since the Brooklyn outfit Beach Fossils released LP Clash The Truth, but the hiatus seems to have rejuvenated the group’s spirit in a major way. Compared to the lo-fi vibes of their early years, the band has been hinting at a crisper and more-developed sound with tracks like “Saint Ivy” and “Down the Line.” This past week they underscored that feeling with another pair of jams from their upcoming album Somersault, including an offering with vocal assistance from Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell.  

On their latest offering “Tangerine,” Dustin Payseur and co. evolve their DIY aesthetic and bedroom recording sensibility into a more polished style, fusing flanger-heavy guitar with a heartwarming string section. The Beach Fossils frontman spills out abstract thoughts like “And if you think you understand me/ I guess you’re right it’s all I could be,” while Goswell takes on vocal duties for the orchestrated hook. Incorporating an acoustic jangle, lively bassline, and sprite violin, the ethereal number will lift you into an orange-tinted sky of sound. Somersault will drop next month via Payseur's very own label Bayonet Records.

PS — the band also released a video for "Tangerine," and it's animated by Brian Blomerth — the mad genius behind MERRY JANE's comic series Frisbee F.D. Peep it below.

Travis Scott - Butterfly Effect

Lately, it seems like nothing can stop the momentum of the bustling rap star Travis Scott. This past week, the Houston rhymer and producer was arrested for inciting a riot during one of his rowdy concerts, reportedly telling his fans to rush the stage. But just a couple of days later, the Rodeo rapper emerged with three new bangers. On one of his latest offerings, entitled “Butterfly Effect,” La Flame shows off a sneak peek at the lavish LA lifestyle that he refuses to let soften his unremitting persona.

“On freeway, but no, ain't nothin' free (straight up)/Bend laws, bend lanes/Been bustin' bills, but still ain't nothin' change,” he spits in the first verse. The rising Canadian producer Murda Beatz lays down a glittery trap beat that Travis wreaks havoc over. His hard-hitting bars or propped up by a slurry of his most beloved autotune ad libs, including hyphy lines like “straight up” and “it's lit!” The drug-fueled rapper also shared two other cuts, “A man” and “Green & Purple,” the latter of which features Playboi Carti.

T-Pain & Lil Wayne - DAMN DAMN DAMN

On Wednesday, the multi-talented musician T-Pain tweeted out what appeared to be an album cover that depicted both himself and legendary New Orleans rapper Lil Wayne, posing the vague question “Do it? #TWayne," as well. The following day, the Tallahassee rapper apparently did it, unleashing an eight-track project that features a slew collaborative songs recorded back around 2008 and 2009, when both T-Pain and Weezy were at the top of their game.

The unexpected joint project includes the triumphant banger “DAMN DAMN DAMN,” a smooth jam where both artists croon in unison about giving “shawty the business.” While T-Wayne is flooded with punchy rhymes, this particular track is shaded with some flavorful R&B goodness. By the end of the five-minute piece, Weezy and T-Pain join voices for a heavenly autotuned duet. You can stream the entire album on SoundCloud and relive the good old days of mid-2000s hip-hop, a time when Weezy reigned supreme and was yet to step on a skateboard. 

Young Thug - Free Blac Youngsta

Earlier this week, Memphis rapper Blac Youngsta turned himself over to police for his connection to a shooting that involved over 100 rounds being fired at a bulletproof SUV belonging to fellow Tennessee spitter Young Dolph. While the incarcerated artist has since proclaimed his innocence, Blac Youngsta has also received the support of Atlanta rap icon Young Thug, who released the track “Free Blac Youngsta” almost immediately after the arrest made headlines.

Thugger goes in over a rapid-fire trap beat produced in tandem by Wheezy and DY of 808 Mafia. With his eccentric vocal style, Young Thug injects excitement to the otherwise-predictable hook that repeats variations of “Free Blac Youngsta.” But once the verse is revved up, the rapper gets wild and goes off on tangent about how undeniably fresh he is. “Ice in the cup don't melt/Off White, Saint Laurent belt/How they gone suit theyselves?” he spits. The one-off track comes shortly after Young Thug announced his upcoming “singing album” E.B.B.T.G. or Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls, which is expected to be released sometime in the coming weeks.   

Palm - Shadow Expert

After gaining traction with their disorienting 2015 debut Trading Basics, the Philadelphia math-rock newcomers Palm are poised to break through with their forthcoming EP Shadow Expert, due out June 16 via Carpark Records. This past week, the four-piece band unveiled the release's self-titled track, a rambunctiously mellow number that will send your head into a delightful whirlwind.

The two-minute ditty is commandeered by the slothy vocals of guitarist Eve Alpert, who murmurs softly over the flurry of askewed rhythms and twangy progressions. A barrage of guitars flank the listener from all ends, leaving us unprepared for each sporadic note that strikes. “Shadow Expert” takes a more lighthearted approach compared to its noisy predecessor “Walkie Talkie,” showcasing a softer side to the band's typically jarring sound.

Flying Lotus - Night Grows Pale

Ever since his eclectic 2014 releaseYou’re Dead!, legendary producer Flying Lotus has shifted his attention towards filmmaking and his hip-hop moniker Captain Murphy. But this past week, Steve Ellington returned with a vengeance, coming out of the blue to unearth four new songs from his extensive FlyLo catalog. One of those tracks, entitled “Night Grows Pale,” the producer samples “White Queen (As It Began),” a memorable cut from the legendary classic rock group Queen.

Ellington surrounds the prominent voice of Freddie Mercury with an array of weaving horns, bells, and synths, constructing a delicate dreamscape that the Queen frontman's voice can effortlessly float through. The glistening production isn’t too far removed from the vibe of his previous album, equipped with jazzy undertones that are spliced together in soft glitch. In addition to “Night Grows Pale,” the Los Angeles producer also released a remix of the Twin Peaks theme song, as well as “North Star3” and “You And Your Friends Are Dead.” The latter two offerings feature contributions from his labelmate Thundercat and Brendon Small, the creator of the esteemed Adult Swim programs Home Movies and Metalocalypse.  

Andy Stott - Song For Chance

Known for interjecting a grinding ambience into his dub techno beats, the Manchester production maestro Andy Stott has become a cult-favorite in the underground electronic scene. Now, just one year removed from his 2016 album Too Many Voices, the revered artist has resurfaced with a unique offering alongside the Latvian Radio Choir.

“Song For Chance” is a seismically barren piece that revolves around the choir’s reverent harmonies. As the otherworldly collection of voices harmonize alone for the first minute, Stott suddenly introduces a grisly synth that sputters out low-end pulses that expand and retract like shadows. As the voluminous bass rattles around in the track’s unfathomable depth, the voices of the choir come together to create a flicker of light in this otherwise-desolate number. There’s a certain ethereal vibe that rises from the darkness of Stott’s production, offering an poignant prayer that reverberates throughout this sonic void.  

Chance the Rapper (Prod. Kaytranada) - They Say

Last year, Chance The Rapper was propelled into even larger stardom thanks to his magnificently pious album Coloring Book, and then made history by becoming the first unsigned artist to win at the Grammys. Last week, on Pharrell's OTHERtone Beats1 radio show, the Canadian beat-making wunderkind Kaytranada shared an unfinished version of “They Say,” a previously-unreleased collaboration with the Chicago rapper.  

While the song didn't make the cut for his latest project, Chance has been performing it at live shows over the last two years. In this soulful hip-hop ballad, Chano balances on a lyrical tightrope between being a devout Christian and a Chi-town soldier. “I got my soul/I flaunt, I wear it, I'm still a Christian, I still got hitters,” Chance wistfully rhymes. Kaytranada whips together a cheerful piano progression, boom-bap percussion, and a choir-like vocal sample that seems to echo from a depthless distance. “They Say” contains that classic Chance flavor, jam-packed with his signature “na na na” jingle and “agh!” ad libs.