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The Best New Songs on SoundCloud to Get You Through the Weekend (May 13, 2017)

Featuring Hundred Waters, Danny Brown, Quavo, and more.

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As we cruise through May straight towards the heat of summer, there’s been a noticeable uptick in breezy tunes and blazing bangers flooding the soundwaves. MERRY JANE is digging through the latest and greatest tracks to bring you the hottest new music, whether that be in the form of hip-hop, indie rock, or electronic tracks. On this week’s SoundCloud playlist, we’ve got a glittery resurgence from the Florida trip Hundred Waters, a fiery solo offering from Migos’ frontman Quavo, a kettle drum-filled banger from Detroit MC Danny Brown, and more.

Slow Magic (ft. Kate Boy) - Mind

It’s been around three years since the dance beat maestro Slow Magic released How To Run Away, but the electronic producer has evolved into a new form with “Mind,” the latest single featuring the Sweden band Kate Boy. The track features a revved-up beat that centers pitch-shifted vocals, but still focuses on Slow Magic’s knack for integrating live percussion into his music. This emphatic track bellows with throbbing synths and groovy rhythms — a heavy-hitting anthem that will move you in a multitude of ways. Remaining shrouded in mystery much like an electronic MF DOOM, the elusive artist is preparing for a reemergence in near future, but his mysterious persona keeps us eagerly awaiting pretty much anything new from him. In the meantime, his latest cut should keep us all satisfied for the time being.  


Bryson Tiller - Honey

Ever since Bryson Tiller dropped his studio debut TRAPSOUL, the Louisville R&B artist has made serious waves with his careless machismo and multi-faceted flow. Now, the up-and-comer has finally returned with a collection of new tracks from his upcoming album True to Self. Melting slothy drums and slurry ‘90s style rhythms, Tiller creates a whirring atmosphere that can be played both inside and outside of the club. It's thick as fuck in any environment, for that matter. 

Although “Honey” revives the same slickness that Tiller has become notorious for, the young gunner also experiments with a new style in his latest joint. Switching off between his polished vocal work and a distorted radio microphone, the singer seems to have stretched his versatility into a whole new range. The NES-produced number provides a backdrop of lurching synths and a glossy 808 setup, cooking up the perfect recipe for Bryson to croon seductive lines like “Anything you want, you can have it/Honey, you a bad bitch.”

Danny Brown - Kool Aid

Coming off of the heels of his critically acclaimed 2016 release Atrocity Exhibition, Detroit rapper Danny Brown released a new track that will appear on the new season of Mike Judge's HBO show Silicon Valley. (Fun fact: The show also featured "Smoking and Drinking" at the end of a season one episode). This past week, the eclectic spitter dropped “Kool Aid,” a delirious offering that will appear on the show’s soundtrack via Mass Appeal.

The one-off single keeps Brown’s unhinged flair intact, rhyming mercilessly over a beat constructed from warped steel drums and pulsating synth samples. The Detroit MC takes full advantage of premium cable's lack of language censorship, rapping “Your hoe ate my dick off, call that hoe a cannibal/Coming down like Santa Claus/Her pussy furry like panda paws.” Danny Brown’s latest track will appear on the May 14 episode of the show, and the livelihood will likely keep it bumping way beyond its television debut.


Quavo - Paper Over Here

Regardless of how you feel about the hip-hop trio Migos, there’s no denying that the Atlanta rappers have conquered the game with their addictive flows and relentless bravado. Out of the three members, Quavo has soaked up most of the spotlight, using his swaggy persona and butter-smooth voice to slice through every track he’s featured on. His latest solo venture comes in the form of the ditty “Paper Over Here,” a brief track that serves as bragging rights for the mountains of cash that the trap legend has accumulated.

OG Parker conjures up an uptempo beat comprised of church organs and surprisingly-tame percussion. This suave cut lacks the usual adlibs from the Migos gang, but still includes the contagious melodies that Quavo has become beloved for. “Hoes calling me the dab daddy, trend set the fashion/New money coming in every day, that's a satisfaction,” Quavo croons with a tinge of autotune. Although this tune only spans two minutes, the esteemed rhymer has plenty to say about his endless flow of cash, which has surely exploded since Migos released their highly-celebrated album CULTURE earlier this year.     

Solarrio (Charlie Klarsfeld Remix) - Drops

After developing his roots in the underground hip-hop scene, Berlin producer Solarrio surged past any expected limitations with the 2016 single “Drops.” Now, the Brooklyn DJ Charlie Klarsfeld has given new life to the track with a lush remix. His interpolation of the dance track adds multiple layers to the original, finding itself in a depthful field of arpeggiation and pitch-shifted vocals.

While Solarrio is well known for implementing a wide array of instrumentals into his electronic work, Charlie Klarsfeld splits this concentrated track into a exorbitant soundscape. Equipped with a booming bass and lurching percussion, the NYC producer evolves the tune into a bona fide club banger. Through a few tasteful production choices, Klarsfeld turns “Drops” into a jam of his own.

Hundred Waters - Particle

If you haven’t heard of Hundred Waters before, or only know that they're signed to Skrillex’s record label OWSLA, you might expect a few drops and dubby womps from this group. But one listen to the Florida trio will have you doubting all preconceptions, placing you in the midst of a complex, albeit minimal, wonderland fronted by lead singer Nicole Miglis. After a brief hiatus, the band has finally resurfaced with the Currency EP, a follow-up project to the 2014 album The Moon Rang Like A Bell.  

Their latest single, “Particle,” picks up right where the band left off, coated with glittery synths and sporadic invasions of sub bass. Miglis commands the track, using her ambiguous lyrics as a melodic instrument in their own regard. This emotional cut manages to be both reserved and candidly expressive, as the Hundred Waters’ frontwoman sings “I’m only a particle, a drop in you, forever dissolving/Look at us revolving in a glass, intact, and trapped.” These lines seem to parallel the composition of the track, which also feels as if it were constructed particle by particle, note by note, ultimately morphing together into an ethereal and unforgettable lifeform made of sound.