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Beck’s New Lyric Video For His Song “Wow” Will Leave You Nodding Along in Awe

Funky electronic weirdness on deck.

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The Indie music savant Beck is back and funkier than ever in his new trapped-out, bass-heavy song called “Wow”. Coming off of his last full-length album Morning Phase in 2014, which won a Grammy Award for Best Album of the Year, Beck’s new single “Wow” makes it seems like the musician has re-immersed back into his funky electronic weirdness.

While Morning Phase was a soft and earthy acoustic-driven album more reminiscent of his classic 2002 album, Sea Change, this new track and lyric video shows Beck reviving his more recently visited electronic and hip-hop influences.

In “Wow”, the versatile musician begins by flowing over a hybrid pan flute-like loop, when suddenly, the bass and trap-influenced high hats come in to spin your eardrums right around. Suddenly, the listener is carried into Beck’s unique universe where poppy folk, electronic music, and hip-hop become a gloriously conjoined trifecta.

The track offers a wide-range of percussion and harmonies that circles around your brain and body, while the lyric video hypnotizes you with a psychedelic collage that acts as a vehicle for abstract, yet uplifting lines, like “It’s life, your life. Live it once, you can’t live it twice”.  

Nostalgic of his more electronic and loop-driven works, such as albums like Guero or The Information, “Wow” showcases Beck at his most experimental, and the trip-inducing lyric video serves as further proof. Prior to the release of the track at noon, Beck was all over Instagram today posting numerous teaser videos to promote the new single in his usual strange ways. The album, which has not yet been named, is scheduled to drop on October 21st through Capitol Records. Until then, toking Beck fans can light up to this electrifying track, while getting lost in the vast hallucinogenic lyric video that accompanies it.

Watch the lyric video below.

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