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Munchies: The Origin Stories of Your Favorite Stoner Snacks

MERRY JANE News tracks down how munchies came to be.

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When you say, “I have the munchies,” everyone knows what you mean. Whether it’s an intense hunger for Doritos, Oreos, Cherry Garcia, or every Little Debbie pastry your parents denied you as a kid, one thing is abundantly clear; you’ve got junk food on your mind.

While the trend in the Unites States in recent years has veered towards eating healthier and laying off the sugar (and cutting out things such as gluten) it’s hard to deny that our munchies are a form of escapism. However, these snack foods and brands just didn’t appear overnight, so where and when did they all get their start?

MERRY JANE News went back and traced the evolution of some of America’s all-time favorite snack foods and their origins, so you’ll be prepared to drop that knowledge the next time you smoke up with your friends!

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