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The Most Interesting New Year’s Traditions From Around the World

Try them and maybe your 2017 will be better than the shit-show that was 2016!

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New Year’s signals a new beginning. It’s time to remove the knife 2016 repeatedly stabbed us with, and look forward to 12 untarnished months awaiting our futures. One of the best things about NYE is that it’s is an incredibly universal holiday, celebrated globally. Whether ritualized on Jan. 1, or another culturally determined date, the day is a chance to reflect on the past, present, and future. Promises in the form of resolutions or goal-setting are one way to hold oneself accountable to be a little better. But, wouldn’t it be easier if there were some way to completely ensure that the next 365 days would be superior to the last?

Many cultures around the world have long-practiced traditions performed yearly to help ward off the possibility of a lousy new year. Some are superstitious and few have proven results, but what’s the harm in trying? After 2016, it’s probably wise to do everything in your power to make sure 2017 is a massive improvement.

Here are some New Year’s traditions and superstitions from around the globe. Give them a shot and report back next year! 

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