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How to Hide the Smell of Weed

Keep these tips in mind and you can breeze through the holi-daze with your spirit intact.

It's the holidays, and for many, that means taking a well-deserved break from work and spending quality time with the fam. But the season can also bring on a whole new wave of stress: Last-minute gift shopping, arguments with your pro-Trump grandparents, screaming children, you name it. Of course, lighting up a joint is a great way to peace out and reduce your stress and anxiety, but can you get your chill on without letting your whole extended family know that you're high?


The answer is yes. MERRY JANE has trawled the depths of our cannabis-enhanced minds (and the internet) to bring you a list of the most discreet methods of kush consumption. There are numerous alternatives to smoking available, but even if you're snowed in with nothing but that joint your brother rolled, there are several brilliant ways to disguise the pungent (but lovely) aroma of cannabis. Follow these simple tips to bring some peace to your holiday, on the DL.

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