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MERRY JANE's Spotify Playlist Takeover: Young Nudy

We’ve got a hand-picked list of some bona fide bangers, and it’s all thanks to Young Nudy. "Slimeball Season" is eternal...

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For this week’s installment of our MERRY JANE Spotify Playlist Takeover series — presented by our friends at Namaste Technologies — we’ve got a hand-picked list of some bona fide bangers, and it’s all thanks to Young Nudy. 

Since he released Slimeball in 2016, the East Atlanta rapper has taken the crown as one of MERRY JANE’s favorite spitters — and with each new release, our feelings are only further validated. From 2017’s Nudy Land (special shout-out to “Hell Shell”) to this summer’s instant-classic Slimeball 3, it’s as a clear as a THC crystal that Young Nudy is shooting towards the stars. And, as his growing rolodex of A-list collaborators suggests, hip-hop’s heavy hitters feel the same damn way. 

Today, Young Nudy drops his “Zone 6” remix alongside Future and 6lack. To celebrate the top-shelf collab, we asked the artist to gather a bunch of his other favorite tracks that he keeps on repeat — including heaters from Playboi Carti, Young Thug, and PDE Escobar. Nudy also made the time to detail his favorite weed strains and his top tunes to toke along to. A piece of advice: Light up something green before burning through this list of sonic gold. 

MERRY JANE: What is your most memorable smoking experience? Was it with someone particular? 

Young Nudy: The first time I went out to LA and went in all the dispensaries — particularly Jungle Boys and Cookies.

What’s your favorite album to listen to while smoking weed? 

I like to listen to my new shit — shit I haven't put out yet. 

What records had the biggest influence on you growing up — ones you still listen to.

I don't really know. I listened to some of everything.

If you were a pro athlete, what would be your warm-up track?

“Loaded Baked Potato” by me, and I don't know, probably some of Playboi Carti’s shit.

What was your weed consumption like while writing and recording “Slime Season 3”? Do you smoke before getting in the booth? 

I smoke a lot while I'm recording. I gotta be smoking in the booth.

“Sherbert” is one of our favorites off that mixtape. Where did you come across Sherbert weed, and what other strains are you digging these days? 

I found it in LA at Jungle Boys. I also like Runtz, Sunday Driver, and Purple Punch. Legalize weed everywhere. Free everybody locked up for it, too.

What Young Nudy song should people listen to while smoking? 

“Slimeball” from Slimeball 3. It’s a song you can just chill and think along with, or you can just ride to it.

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