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MERRY JANE's Guide to This Week in Music: Songs for Slow Mornings

When you're having one of those mornings, put on one of these songs.

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Mornings have two sorts of necessary music: the ones that help you jump out of bed and into the world, and ones that are meant for the times you want to take it a little easier. Whether it’s the result of a late night before or just because you’re not in any rush, sometimes you have to hit snooze once or twice before you face the day. As you get that first cup of coffee down, these songs will help carry you into the day at your own, easy pace.

La Luz“Morning High”

Regardless of why your morning might be a bit lazy, the soft vocals and fuzzy surf guitars of La Luz’s “Morning High” sound like a summer morning when you’ve slept under just a sheet with your windows open.  As the song title suggests, these Seattle ladies make the music meant to go with starting your day with the rest of the joint on your bedside table.

Real Estate“Talking Backwards”

You could easily burn an entire morning to Real Estate’s 2014 album, Atlas. The both catchy and mellow songs are the kind that you actually don’t mind hearing through your walls as neighbors play Real Estate first thing as they wake up. “Talking Backwards”, the album’s single, is your best bet for motivation to actually get out of bed.

The Velvet Underground“Sunday Morning”

The opening song from the classic 1967 album, The Velvet Underground & Nico is a classic, post-partying morning go-to track. The late Lou Reed’s easy vocals can sing away a hangover or simply give you the perfect song to meet the sun. “Sunday Morning” sounds like walking through your apartment with your friends passed out on your couch.  

Dirty Projectors“Swing Lo Magellan”

A weekend walk after a bowl on the way to brunch offers a great chance to keep a relaxed morning going after finally leaving your apartment. In just this occasion, the Dirty Projectors’ “Swing Low Magellan” is just what you need to appreciate the beginning of the day. The world seems to look a little nicer, and the coming mimosas will taste a little sweeter.

Mac Demarco“Passing Out Pieces”

“Passing Out Pieces” is another great morning jam for when you’re ready to head out into the world.  Mac DeMarco’s 2014 album Salad Days is full of chill jams that refuse to make anyone rush. Play “Passing Out Pieces” loud, and consider getting some stuff done today or, just as easily, decide not to.

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