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MERRY JANE's Guide to This Week in Music

This week in music we welcome some exciting new tracks from seasoned favorites, and some up and coming sensations.

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Soft Ethnic - “Prints”

Simple beats are brought to life by layered vocals in “Prints,” the first single by Brooklyn’s Soft Ethnic. Melodic and easy at parts, “Prints” still packs Prince-like vocals that had me listening on repeat.

Santigold “Banshee”

The return of Santigold couldn’t have come soon enough–and while the new album 99¢ is a fun ride from beginning to end, its “Banshee” that caught me. A mash of electro-pop meets Afro dance beat, “Banshee” shows that Santigold’s ability to put her personal stamp on a genre that can feel tiresome is still strong. Expect to hear this is a loud club–and for everyone to freak out when it comes on.

Mothers“Copper Mines”

One of the buzziest new signs of 2015 went to Grand Jury Music when they announced the release of the debut LP by Mothers. A relatable melancholy pours out of vocalist Kristine Leschper on “Copper Mines,” singing “What I have to give is small / but at least I can admit it.”

The gloomy single off the recently announced When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired,  presents a draggy look at sad love that is all too relatable.

Yoko Ono ft. Portugal. the Man “Soul Got Out of the Box”

In honor of Yoko’s 83rd birthday, it’s only right to take a moment to appreciate new music by a true legend. Her new album Yes, I’m a Witch Too welcomes artists like Moby, Death Cab for Cutie and Peter Bjorn to collaborate with her–an honor in itself. The standout to me is “Soul Got of The Box,” her track with indie legends in their own right, Portugal. the Man. Welcomed into the track with Ono’s creepy vocals and a gentle guitar, the true magic begins when the chorus picks up. Hello, Doomsday.

Tunde Olanrian “Let Me Go”

Worth listening just for Tunde Olaniran’s vocal range alone, “Let Me Go” is a powerhouse R&B esque ballad partnered with an engaging synth arrangement. Unsure how he has slipped under the radar, as this track has mainstream appeal while still maintaining some grit.

Photo: Charlotte Ferguson

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