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MERRY JANE's Guide to This Week in Music

Introducing MERRY JANE's weekly series that gives you a list of music you should add to your library immediately.

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Just a few of the (many) tracks you should make yourself familiar with this week: Four new singles to fuck with, and one older song to return to.

Prince Rama - “Slip Into Nevermore”

Brooklyn’s visual spectacle that is Prince Rama dropped the glitzy “Slip Into Nevermore” via Pitchfork Radio last night. The track's breathy vocals, paired with creepy-ish synths oddly remind me of the True Detective theme song–if it went to space. Or to battle in Middle Earth. Either way, it’s dope.

“Slip Into Nevermore” is the third single off their forthcoming album Xtreme Now (Carpark Records).

Bombino - “Akhar Zaman (This Moment)”

Bombino made his way to the states by way of his native Niger, joining producer Dave Longstreth (Dirty Projectors) in Woodstock to lay down his latest album Azel. Uniting traditions of Tuareg blues and reggae, ‘Tuareggae’ comes to life in “Akhar Zaman (This Moment).” Bombino’s flawless guitar riffs and the accompanying clappy back track feel familiar, making it easy to forget the lyrics aren’t in English.

Azel is out April 1, 2016 on Partisan Records.

Murals - “I Live Here”

Louisville folk outfit Murals’ third single off their upcoming Violet City Lantern  “I Live Here,”  is equally as melodic and drifting as the previous two–presents a welcome exit to a life quieter than my own. Easy listening harmonies had me wishing I was sitting around a campfire at dawn, the fire still barely hot from the night prior.

Violet City Lantern is out soon on Fire Talk Records.

J Churcher - “Yesterday”

It’s the swells that hooked me into J Churcher’s “Yesterday,” one of three tracks in a gorgeous triumvirate released by PIAS. “Yesterday” is a flow of highs and lows, with Churcher questioning have you realized that you are / not in love anymore? It’s a thought that made me feel equally drained and perplexed–do we ever realize this? Do we even want to?

Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins - “You Are What You Love”

It’s easy to say that Jenny Lewis has been one of the most important songwriters in my life, as I fell in love with her and Rilo Kiley as a young teenager, and continued to grow with her with each solo album she released after that. 2016 is a special time for Lewis (and her infinite fan base)–we celebrated 10 years of her first effort outside of Rilo Kiley, the gut wrenching Rabbit Fur Coat.   

Lewis, to me, has always embodied the type of woman I hope I am (or can become)–raw, honest, unapologetic, pensive, and oddly unafraid. Never one to skirt around the real, sometimes garbage, feelings that come with tricky love, femininity and aging, Lewis’ has held her own as a truly timeless artist. I felt hopeful alongside her as a teen, I looked into a scary and vastly unknown future with her as a young adult, and I look to her to help me navigate the uncertain and confusing world of an unattached 20-something woman.

Rabbit Fur Coat as a whole, with angelic accompanying vocals by the Watson Twins, is a melancholy (but necessary) glimpse at womanhood. If I had to argue the most important track on the album, it would have to go to “You Are What You Love.”

Confronting the grey area of being consumed with another, even when it isn’t real. I'm in love with illusions / so saw me in half / I'm in love with tricks / so pull another rabbit out your hat, Lewis muses. A hard reminder of what love is–and isn’t–Lewis dares us to have a bleak look at what it means to be present in the face of any type of love (be it fake, unrequited, pure or shitty)–and when you come out on the other end, you are still stuck with yourself.

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