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The Mysterious Genetic History of Cannabis

When science and strains collide, things start to get interesting.

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Because America’s views concerning weed have evolved, it is now easier for scientists to study how marijuana plants have evolved. States that have legalized marijuana have given biotech startups the opportunity to dive into your favorite strains and map their genetic lineages, to find out what it is that makes them tick. What they have already discovered could surprise you, and you might not look at specific Sativa strains the same way again.

Much of their research isn’t just for kicks and will affect users who do not just toke up for recreational purposes. If you use marijuana because of illness, genetic testing will help connect patients with the right strains to treat the symptoms of their particular disease. The medical marijuana industry and patients around the country will benefit from this research—but there’s one big thing standing in their way.

Join MERRY JANE News in looking at marijuana like you never have before, and don’t let anyone EVER tell you science isn’t cool! 

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