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Meet the Mother and Son Who Became Accidental Cannabis Activists

The Holcomb family experienced a troubling, warrantless raid for a single marijuana plant growing in grandmother Peg’s backyard.

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Cannabis reform has made great strides in recent years, with medical and recreational legalization spreading across the country, but the plant and its supporters are not in the clear yet. In fact, as long as marijuana remains illegal on a federal level, we’re all in a murky grey area, with states’ rights, civil liberties, big business interests, and federal government and law enforcement all running up against each other.

For one example of this ongoing conflict, join MERRY JANE News correspondent Brooke Burgstahler in Massachusetts, a state that voted to fully legalize cannabis in 2016. In Amherst, she visits the Holcomb family, which experienced a troubling, warrantless raid heavy on machinery and manpower for a single cannabis plant growing in grandmother Peg’s backyard.

Watch the video to see why the fight for cannabis reform and to preserve civil rights is not over, even where you think all is well. 

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