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Meet MERRY JANE: Content

Learn about navigating the website's content and connecting as a user.

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Welcome back to the ‘Meet MERRY JANE’ article series! This series is designed to give you an in-depth look at the features and functionality that MERRY JANE offers.  Today, we will be highlighting all the ways that users can explore and share content, as well as further personalize their individual MERRY JANE experience.

When you first visit MERRY JANE, you will see our Featured Article carousel highlighting the latest and greatest MERRY JANE content. Navigate left or right to check out the top three articles and /or videos in cannabis culture and lifestyle. 

As we mentioned in our first article of the series, MERRY JANE is organized into two primary sections: content and utility. All of the options on the left hand of the top navigation menu relate to the content portion of the site. Users can choose to browse all the content on the site via the main homepage (all articles together organized by publishing date) or select a particular category by choosing from the navigation bar.  

Content is organized into five primary categories: Culture, News, Food, Style and Videos. Each category highlights the content within that specific area of the cannabis industry. The ‘Videos’ category includes all other categories and serves as a directory for all MERRY JANE Originals and other video content. 

While on the homepage, you can also hover over a particular category link in the navigation to see the five most popular articles in that particular category.

To see the most popular articles on the entire site, check out the ‘Most Popular’ article list on the right side of the homepage below the Featured Article carousel. 

When viewing an article or video, one of the first things that you will notice is the addition of a grey navigation and share bar. This section allows you to navigate to the next or previous article in a particular category. It also allows you to easily share the article to any of your favorite social networks. 

Continuing from the top of the article, you’ll notice the ‘Add to Favorites’ button.  

MERRY JANE users can add articles to their ‘Favorites’ list in order bookmark them for later viewing. When you begin favoriting articles, you will notice a ‘Recommended for You’ content stream appear in the right side of your User Dashboard. MERRY JANE recommends these articles to you based on similarities to your Favorite articles. Make sure to add your top articles to favorites in order to unlock a content stream ‘Recommended for You.'

At the end of each article, you can check out the author and learn a bit about who they are. You will soon be able to visit their user profile page and follow them if you like their work. This will also influence the ‘Recommended for You’ content stream. After the author information,  you will see ‘Related Articles’ that are similar to the one you are currently reading. Don’t stop now, there is plenty to explore!  

We hope this provided you with a more detailed look at the content side of MERRY JANE. Sign up today in order to unlock a content stream ‘Recommended for You’ and take advantage of the many perks of being a MERRY JANE user. After all, you never know when you might be able to join the conversation..

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Are you over 18?