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Pair End-of-Summer Activities to the Perfect Strain

Make the most of these final, joyful, sunshiny days!

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Glorious long, warm summer days are waning. Hopefully you’ve taken advantage of the season’s sun-soaked treasures like backyard barbecues and adventurous vacation destinations. All good things come to an end, but you can squeeze in a few more soul enriching activities before the leaves change color and winter rears its nippy head.

Need inspiration for things to do and strains to smoke while doing them? We have you covered with helpful suggestions from MERRY JANE GOODS. Remember, tans may fade, but memories last a lifetime.

Visit a U-Pick Farm & Blueberry Diesel

Visit a local, organic farm and take a big, berrylicious hit of the well-balanced hybrid Blueberry Diesel. A cross between Blueberry and Sour Diesel, it will put some pep in your crop-picking step. Although many favorites like fresh strawberries are no longer in season, blackberries, pears, lavender, and corn should be ripe and ready for harvest. Depending on the farm, you may be able to traverse a corn maze, wander around a pumpkin patch, or sample berry and rhubarb wine.

Explore Bodies of Water & Paris OG

The average human body is about 60 percent H20, which may explain why we feel so at home around Earth’s bodies of water. Before the first frost, be sure to reconnect with them if you’re feeling high and dry. Spend a lazy weekend at the lake rolling jays of Paris OG, an earthy yet fruity flower with a calming effect. Feeling pensive? Meander around a winding creek or float in the ocean. Looking for adventure? Tube down the river or kayak in the bay. Needing nature? Stick your head in a waterfall or soak in some hot springs. Relax, and let the gentle waves and sunrays soothe you.


Have a Picnic & Girl Scout Cookies

On the way to your favorite hidden garden, grab a bottle of light red wine or sparkling rosé and fill your basket to the brim with sweet and savory treats. A block of creamy brie and goat cheese pairs well with crispy crackers, fresh fruit, dark chocolate, and Girl Scout Cookies—an OG Kush and Durban Poison hybrid with a big reputation. Only invite your best of friends. Spread out on a blanket as you puff, puff, pass the peace pipe around, taking turns at finding pictures in the clouds. As you soak in a sherbet sunset, buzz and hum with the universe as if nothing else exists. Embrace your collective bliss.


Taste Wine & Cannatonic

Before your tryst with Dionysus, find a designated driver. Then swing by a reputable dispensary to purchase a gram or three of high-CBD Cannatonic. Gentle hits of CBD between vineyard visits beckons a thin, glossy layer of relaxation to wash over you. Trust us, you won’t miss the extra THC. Wine hits fast, so take it slow. Drink lots of water. Toke tiny hits. Nibble on snacks. When you wake up the next day, mostly unscathed, with a semblance of a hangover, revisit Cannatonic. Its painkilling, anti-anxiety properties may heal what’s ailing. You’ll be glad you got sloshed responsibly because it feels so, so much better than the alternative.


Take a Day Trip & Island Sweet Skunk

Blew all your dough on a big summer vacation? Day trips are within your reach and may be easier on your wallet. A quick trek to the coast or a hike through a wildlife refuge with a toke or two of the citrusy and energetic Island Sweet Skunk will do wonders for your mood. Bring friends for a more festive outing. Go solo for some quality meditation time. Nurture your need for nature before the weather is no longer in your favor.

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Plant Vegetables & Amnesia

Late summer is an ideal time to plant lettuce, kale, carrots, beets, peas, spinach, and radish as well as aromatic herbs like dill, cilantro, arugula, parsley, garlic chives, and chervil. Smoke some super stony Amnesia—Skunk x Cinderella 99 x Jack Herer—before planting your bare feet in the cool, damp earth. Its psychedelic properties will help you zero in on the task at hand, grounding you. Breathe through your soles. Get dirty and dig happily, knowing you’re sowing the seeds of your future harvests. Bon appétit!


Get Political & Trump’s Hair Glue #4

Inhale a sassy bong hit of the earthy, sour, and sometimes delusional Trump’s Hair Glue #4 before pouncing on whatever hot-button issue gets you excited. Since passions are high, now’s a good time to write a manifesto and share it from your soapbox. Attend a town hall meeting. Protest! Wear a toupée and do your best “You’re Fired!” impression. Binge-watch a season of The West Wing. Rage at a rally. Join the debate team. Meet with your local representative. Plot. Scheme. Start a revolution!

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