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The Funky French Skateboarding of Les Blobys Lights Up “Trunki”

Hjalte Halberg and friends show us how to shred for fun.

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French skateboarding is a lot like the perceived sensibilities of French fashion, dining, and art. You can snob it or not it, but there’s a certain endearing mystique behind the avant-garde exterior.

At a time when internet skate edits have become as standardized as the Number 3 meal on your local fast food menu, it’s fresh to see some French riders getting 4-wheeled jiggy to an American funk classic. It’s groovy, it’s transcontinental, it’s fun, it’s “Trunki”. The newest offering from French skate crew Les Blobys is a quick trip to Paris with enough technical flavor to prep you for a weekend of your own funky riding.

Les Blobys’ elite members like Hjalte Halberg, Paul Grund, and Vincent Touzery are bonafide treats to watch, but the whole squad throws down in rare form throughout the two minute clip. I’m talking kickflip to no-complies and big spins to nollie manuals that are just way too flavorful for the eyes. The edit is short, but oh so sweet. In fact, anything more might be too much sauce - bon appétit my skate hungry friends!

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