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Kitties & Kush: MERRY JANE Gets Frisky at CatCon

We crawled our way through the world’s largest cat convention to give you the scoop on high-tech litter boxes, celebrity cats, fur-covered rappers, and more.

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Every year, thousands of cat parents, pet brands, and real-life furballs get together in Southern California to celebrate the intersection of pop culture and kitties at CatCon. This time, we tagged along, adding our catnip-addled perspective to the annual festivities.

Guiding us through the Pasadena Convention Center’s feline-focused transformation, MERRY JANE’s Noah Rubin checked out self-scooping litter boxes and cat toys before grilling vendors and visitors about kitty cuteness levels.

After a surprise on-camera visit from the one and only Lil Bub, we discovered just how creepy a giant muscular version of Garfield is, leading to some tongue-in-cheek inquiries about our own cat-focused “highdeas.” Understandably, the folks at CatCon were resistant to the idea of a cat bong, but were a little warmer to our fake “Emo Kitty” kit, chock-full of hair dye and faux piercings. 

With some help from professional pot aficionado Abdullah Saeed and viral cat rapper Moshow, we rounded the day out with a feline freestyle and got our hands on some crayons to check out what Snoop Lion might look like as a house cat.

So take a PAWS and peep our new feline friends — these cool cats won’t be back until next year.

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