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Kevin Hart & Serena Williams Create A Workout For The Nike+ Training App

The Hart Serena is in full effect.

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Kevin Hart and Serena Williams have teamed up together to come up with their own epic workout plan for the Nike+ Training Club app.

In a hilarious skit, the pair struggle to coin the name of their workout as their egos go head-to-head. Although this pairing seems unlikely, it actually makes total sense.

Kevin Hart simply dominates in his arena of comedic stand-up on and off, film. The man also stays working. Constantly. There's not a year that Kevin Hart has not headlined in a motion picture film. This year alone he's starred in four films including the blockbuster hit, Central Intelligence alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, which accumulated massive earnings totaling $181 million worldwide.

Serena Williams, the number one female tennis player all-around, dominates in her world of tennis where she sends likes of Maria Sharapova and Justine Henin packing home with tears built up in the wells of their eyes. This year the tennis behemoth took home wins at Wimbledon for both singles and double matches, which she played with her sister Venus Williams.

So, of course, with these two successful people at the top of their A-game who kick ass everyday, bringing them together was a match made in comedic heaven.

Check out the clip and find out what these two mega stars named their workout routine for the Nike+ Training Club app.

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