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Kentucky House and Senate Discussing Medical Marijuana

Two bills were introduced last week.

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Kentucky may be well on its way to finally legalizing marijuana for medicinal use. Legislation has been introduced in both the House and the Senate aimed at bringing this long-awaited reform to the Bluegrass state.

A recent report from the Ledger Independent indicates that State Representative John Sims Jr. submitted a bill last week (House Bill 411) that would allow patients to have access to medical marijuana if deemed necessary by a licensed physician. The bill would “create a new section of KRS Chapter 311 to allow physicians to recommend use of cannabis; hold physicians harmless for making the recommendation."

Sims said he is pushing the bill because studies show that cannabis “helps without forcing someone to take pills every day.”

"This bill would allow for physicians to prescribe it to patients as an option,” he added.

Senator Perry Clark also stepped up with a companion measure. The proposal (Senate Bill 57) would “establish a comprehensive system for medical cannabis," which would allow qualified patients to purchase weed from dispensaries all over the state and engage in home cultivation.

So far, Kentucky has not had much luck getting lawmakers to take action with respect to medical marijuana. Last summer, a number of meetings took place in an attempt to “vet” the issue of marijuana for medicinal use, but it’s hard to say whether those events inspired lawmakers to take the issue seriously.

Republican Governor Matt Bevin said during his campaign that he would support a comprehensive medical marijuana program that allows the herb to “be prescribed like any other prescription drug.” But there is no way of knowing whether his statement was sincere until after lawmakers put a bill on his desk.

Interestingly, some people are under the impression that medical marijuana is already legal in Kentucky, after a phony news report suggesting as much hit the Internet a few weeks ago. However, as the Inquisitor recently pointed out, the report on claiming that medical marijuana is now legal in Kentucky is completely false. Sad!

Let's hope that changes in the coming months.

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