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John Shanahan Destroys NYC in “Mean Streets”

Big Apple skateboarding gone even bigger.

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Every so often, when the stars align perfectly, the streets of New York City bless the world with a skateboarder that makes the city’s skyscrapers look small. DGK and DC’s John Shanahan is very much that dude. Shanahan is long, lanky, baggy, and color coordinated, with incredible pop, distance, and varied trick selection to prove his style is more than just an outfit.

Though he hails from PA, it’s pretty safe to say that Shanahan is the big ticket in the Big Apple right now and LurkNYC’s new edit, Mean Streets, highlights exactly why. Junior M.A.F.I.A’s “Get Money” laces the video while Shanahan performs incredibly stylish and eye-popping tricks across the five boroughs. This cat is nollie-ing across gaps that span three huge trash cans, he’s kickflipping out of blunt slides and tre-flipping across D.I.Y. launch ramps and over orange construction barriers - and all of it with unbelievable tenacity and flair.

Shanahan is without a doubt a freak of nature on a board, and with his ‘90s style John is definitely a double-XL nod to the golden era of street skating tha saw Kalis and countless others crush city streets and public parks like they were lego blocks.

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