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The Street Urchins Take Skateboarding To Exciting New Lows

A reminder to take wild rides in wild times.

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The current political climate of the “free” world is no doubt giving folks from far and wide a much tougher time finding that happy place that lets them know that everything’s going to be alright. Rightfully so, but given the hi-jinx and craziness in their new video, The Street Urchins skateboard crew don’t seem to be those people—at all.

On the contrary, the collective appears naturally hell-bent on always having the best time possible regardless of circumstance or lackluster skate terrain. So much so that New York City-based skateboard magazine and website Jenkem caught wind of the group’s nomadic mayhem and had to collaborate with them on a series of visual releases.

According to Jenkem, this first installment is a compilation of the Urchins’ best stuff thus far, with more imaginative and chaotic material to follow. Clocking in at eight-minutes strong and featuring riders—Mike Faller, Mike Breitmaier, Ben Snawder, Daniel Frank, Elijah Anderson, Thomas Delcarpio, Josh Baker, Dylan Drew, and way too many friends to keep mentioning—this introductory run-and-gun is a gauntlet of skaters, civilians, and primordial skateboarding gone good, bad, and quite ugly.

All to the sounds of ‘iconic and alternative 90s rock groups like Jimmy Eat World, Lit, and Crazy Town. Call it chaotic, call it corny, call it crappy, but just don’t call it boring. Regardless of the varying levels of modern skateboarding tastes, The Street Urchins are obviously tuned in to something very niche and genius here—skateboarding without a damn care in the world.

Salute to them as new fans undoubtedly await more madness. 


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